This votive candle stand was commissioned as a gift by a member of St Phillip & St James church in Walderslade, Kent. Malcolm & his wife were invited to a service in which it was blessed by the Bishop of Rochester before it went into regular use by the congregation.

Having been christened and married in our local church, Malcolm was very pleased to be asked to design and build a votive candle stand, incorporating two levels for candles, with leaf work.

Another piece for our church, a screen to protect the stained glass of the window through which lepers were able to hear services.

A more modern votive candle stand, this time for a more modern church in Chatham, Malcolm was asked to create a design depicting the Crown of Thorns.

For the same church in Bexley, Malcolm's advanced education enabled him to calculate the mathematics necessary to build this seat around an ancient yew tree.

One of a pair of commemorative benches Malcolm was asked to build for a church in Bexley, Kent, with engraved plaques.

It is much loved by brides being photographed on their wedding day.

Another mathematical feat, for the same church, candle stands for the ancient choir stalls - all perfectly vertical