This is the gate with which Malcolm won his Championship of the country in 2004. It was entered again in the 2013 South of England Show where it once again got the "First".

Gates & railings for house in Rochester, Kent, acknowledging previous occupants. Now lived in by the artist Billy Childish, who particularly wanted the ironwork built by a local craftsman.

Featured in “The Times” these Millennium Gates can be seen at Hawesdowne School, West Wycomb in Kent. Two panels depicting children carrying out their daily activities form the main opening, with fixed panels of twisted bars, smaller pedestrian gates, and shows the school colours.

Guadi style gates Malcolm was asked to build. With stained glass features and finished in midnight blue, the customers have gone on to become good friends.

Malcolm loves doing repoussé work, so when these customers asked for their Coat of Arms to be depicted in their gates, he was delighted.

“Nice Job” was one of the most memorable letters of appreciation received from a customer, the one from this family can be seen in our workshop and is a little more detailed. The gentleman said he was conditioned by repeated disappointment from mail order items, but speaks of the absolute delight he felt when returning home from work the first day they were fitted, and the “rightness” of the gates Malcolm had created. He also said he had purchased a product of real quality.

They loved them so much that when they moved house, Malcolm moved the gates, building curved panels to accommodate the wider drive. The whole includes carefully researched details of the customers surname and profession.

A pair of gates for customers in Tonbridge Wells, note the aperture to allow their cat passage.

A security gate, without a frame.

A very big frontage near Margate with the house name in the arch.

Double drive gates with ornamental panels. Note the repousse frog requested on top right!

The commission was for a gate which provided privacy, but with an organic theme which echoed their own foliage. Also requested was that the design allow passage for their cats!!

Another security screen to allow the door to be left open in summer, the customers asked for Malcolm to design something which reflected their hobby of rock climbing, and showed trees and flowers.

One of eight adjacent frontages for listed houses in Gravesend.

A photo sent to us by the couple who purchased Malcolm's championship winning gate, in situ in their garden in Warwickshire.

Seven gates were designed for a large garden in Hungerford, depicting Kokopelli the Hopi symbol of mischief and replenishment. The purpose of the gates was to protect the extensive vegetable garden from hungry rabbits. The figure is depicted playing his pipe to make the grass grow.

A pair of Kokopelli gates

A single gate with fixed side panel, as the opening was not wide enough for two gates.

These gates, incorporating water leaves were designed and built for a company at Kingston upon Thames in Surrey.

The cresting of the Kingston Upon Thames gates.

A pair of three gates built for a private house in Rochester in Kent.

A small single side gate at same address.

A side gate for the private house in Rochester Kent incorporating the same design idea as the handrail.